How to enjoy a holiday

How to enjoy a holiday

Holidays are around to give us a break; give us a break from work and our normal daily routines. This break is meant to let us unwind, relax and enjoy ourselves, however for many of us holidays are stressful.

The holiday stress

Stress floods into our holidays for many of these following reasons:

  1. They never seem long enough
  2. Holidays are busy with lots of running around
  3. Having to deal with family which though important can become uncomfortable at times
  4. Holidays can cost a lot. It is costly to travel due to high demand. Travel to and from your destination is expensive and time consuming, accommodations aren’t cheap either and attractions gouge you at best.

Despite these many stresses there are a number of ways for you to enjoy your holiday with less stress and of course more money in your pocket.

How to enjoy a holiday

Attend free events at non peak hours

Many communities have free events to attend during holidays. Things like live music, children activities and a nice walk through a park where festivities are happening are great ways to enjoy yourself without shelling out money.

Attending these festivities at non peak hours reduces your stress because it is less busy and less waiting around to do things.

Plan your holiday well in advance

Planning a holiday trip months in advance generally is less expensive because there is less demand at that time. Many destinations and travel experiences offer early bird pricing and other great promotions to get customers.

“Rough it” in the backyard

Set up the tent in the backyard and enjoy a night underneath the stars! Invite some family and friends over to join and make it an enjoyable holiday that doesn’t break the bank. Spend time in the pool and walking around the neighbourhood.

Take vacation time during weeks of a holiday

Holiday on a Friday or Monday? Take the week before or after! You will only use four days instead of five to take a full week off work! You can cash out that other day if you need to or use it another time when you need a break!

Use holiday sales for things you need

Around the holidays it may be a good time to purchase things that you or a loved one needs, like a barbeque for the summer! Though a barbeque is not a life essential it is a great tool to have to enjoy a nice summer holiday. Instead of buying an item like that at any time during the year, wait for them to go on sale near a summer holiday so you can save some money!

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What’s important with holidays

Remember holidays are about unwinding, relaxing and enjoying yourself whether that be with family and friends. Holidays can be stressful and can become a financial burden, the key is to find ways so that your holiday is not stressful and does not break the bank.